IMBRA and Misandry

Veterans: Uniting to Stop Feminist Internet Regulation, especially from the corrupt Tahirih organization

it started with the so-called "International Marriage Broker Regulation Act" a Gateway Law to Internet Control of All Americans and Most Foreigners

To begin with, please read this description of the law from someone who claims that part of it is OK:

IMBRA: After a few dating sites tried to challenge the law in 2006, a Republican federal judge in Ohio, Thomas Rose, declared that "The Supreme Court has never explicitly recognized a fundamental liberty interest in Americans meeting foreigners for relationships." Click here to see how this judge called American citizens "products" that need warning labels on the international dating market.

The IMBRA law makes it a crime for a website or introduction service, where more than 50% of one gender is foreign, to allow an American citizen to simply say hello to a foreigner who has already given permission for their contact information to be given out. The American must first submit to a background check and that must be sent to the foreigner for an additional paranoia-inducing written approval regarding contact.

Of course, the written approval is impossible for a foreigner to give if he or she does not have email or does not check email in time to catch a visit by an American to his or her country.

Like the Expatriation Act of 1907 was designed to stop American women from marrying foreigners, the IMBRA Act of 2005 is tailored to stop American men from even dating foreigners. Foreign women who don't use email cannot approve of contact with men because no agency is going to get involved in sending background check paperwork around the world by snail mail. It can be shown that dating sites are now mostly no longer introducing Americans to women without email.

This means that more than 30,000 women were blocked from communicating with Americans. Other than that, no agency is complying with IMBRA even while most of them pretend to. If the government ever tried to enforce the law, it would be struck down by the US Supreme Court.

Read the outrageous new proposal to "Strengthen" IMBRA for VAWA 2012. All Michigan men need to vote against Senator Leahy. To better understand why American men are being persecuted by Congress, please buy a few books from Amazon on Misandry

Click here or on the "Legal" tab in the upper left corner of this page to read all the court documents and text of the law. Note that the bad part of the law is on page 12 section iv. Get out your magnifying glass.

Bad laws often have flowery text that looks 99% reasonable to the lazy legislators who vote for them without having examined or even noticed the 1% of the text that is highly questionable.

Page 12 section iv of the law produces a Catch 22 because more than half of foreign women with photos on the Internet do not have email or access to computers. Thus the law would make it next to impossible for Americans and most foreigners to be introduced to each other online. 

The writers of the law were aware that the onerous requirement for the foreigner to "sign approval for each contact" would simply put many international dating sites out of business entirely. To them, American men aren't supposed to be able to find an alternative to a "progressive feminist philosophy". That is the reason for the IMBRA law which strangely appeals to some on the far right as well as the far left.

Many American Christian "evangelists" are Marxists who believe that a law like this will stop American men from sexually exploiting their "inferiors," which is a bizarre and disgusting way of thinking of both American men and foreign women.

Republican veterans are dismayed at the treason displayed by fellow Republicans who voted for this law. IMBRA directly reduces their marriage options (if 100,000 women disappear from Internet dating sites, that is 100,000 marriages and maybe 200,000 children that will never exist). Traitors to all single veterans and their marriage chances included Senator Conrad Burns of Montana, Senator Jim Talent of Missouri and Senator George Allen of Virginia all of whom were given early retirement by angry male voters in 2006.

The main backer of the law, and the entity that pushed the US Government aside to defend it against lawsuits, is a radical woman's organization called the Tahirih Justice Center that provides some valid care given to a few foreign women who become victims of abuse in the USA...but which also advises non-abused immigrant women to lie or distort the truth for free citizenship that creates media publicity for American women to send donations and for radical laws like IMBRA to sail through Congress.

Read about the Tahirih Justice Center's Fraud on the American Congress with the help of America's #2 law firm Jones Day and the ethically challenged Randy Miller of the DC law firm of Arnold & Porter (ironically the same firm pushing same-sex marriage).

Click here for some sample comments taken from a Lifetime Television for Women Forum. In the forum, an activist, who is likely from the Tahirih Justice Center, explains how the law is cleverly stacked to put dating sites out of business, not just regulate them. She also explains that, although it is dishonest to link sexual trafficking with dating sites, the end will justify the means if Lifetime Television for Women viewers believe the nonsense, get worked up and all write their Congresspeople.

The Tahirih Justice Center just got another law past the Congress that the media made no mention about, which makes American criminals uneligible to marry foreign women at all. Contact us to find out more about these insane new laws. These people are out of control and Republican politicians are either doing nothing to stop them or they're actually helping to write all this.

Please call Congress and ask that new hearings be held on Internet and Relationship Regulation as well as on the constitionality of funding various victim-feminist groups. Such groups just received $430 Million in taxpayer funding with the passage of the Commerce Justice & Science Appropriations Bill in October 2007. These organizations do not represent women's interests. They are milking the system for as much cash as they can get to buy their suburban Virginia farms.

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 Please read on. Great information below:


The International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) is repugnant to the letter and the spirit of the Constitution of the United States which grants a Right to Assemble, period.

IMBRA violates the Bill of Rights both textually and under the penumbra of these rights.

IMBRA is heterophobic, racist and sexist. There is NO SUCH THING AS A MAIL ORDER BRIDE.

Like parts of VAWA, IMBRA encourages and will increase marriage fraud against American men.  IMBRA dishonors American men who liberated Europe and the Philippines by labeling them as abusers.

While Congressmen condemn Google for internet censorship in China, they legalize censorship in America 





Violence in America Statistics. 4 US murder victims in 15 years were foreign women met on the Internet despite the fact that the FBI reports more than 1000 spousal murders per year in the US. Many more American men were killed by foreign women in their countries.

Click the below link to see that Internet dating violence is far worse for American women than it could ever be for foreigners (because most American men who date foreign women are in the highest income bracket):

Bob Parsons of GoDaddy wrote a great article to this effect but he apparently deleted it to avoid feminist wrath so now this link is redirected to his home page (for Shame Bob).



'Mail-Order Bride' Law Brands All American Men Abusers

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

By Wendy McElroy

[Editor's note: Wendy McElroy's Article on IMBRA can be found here

The Violence Against Women Act signed by President Bush on Jan. 5 contains an almost unnoticed attachment. Subtitle D, also known as the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA), will become law when VAWA is enacted. The IMBRA is an ostensibly noble measure with a surprising and ominous twist.

The scant attention directed toward the IMBRA has been positive.

A headline in Washington State's The Daily Herald announced, "Mail-order brides gain protection" with the subtitle "The mother of a murdered immigrant hopes that pending federal legislation will keep foreign brides from abuse, neglect and slavery."

The "murdered immigrant" refers to Anastasia King, a "mail-order bride" from the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgiztan. In 2000, King was murdered by the husband she'd conned into marrying her for citizenship. She had moved in with a lover but she was lured into a meeting with the cuckolded husband when he offered her money. This happened in Seattle where the case created a sensation largely because the husband, a loser, had acrimoniously divorced a previous "mail-order bride."

Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., who championed the measure for years, introduced the IMBRA to Congress.

Some parts sound reasonable. For example, U.S. consulates will provide "mail-order brides" with brochures that explain their legal rights. other parts sound draconian. For example, the IMBRA requires American men who wish to correspond with foreign women through private for-profit matchmaking agencies to first provide those businesses with their police records and other personal information to be turned over to the women.

Corresponding with a foreigner is legal. Marrying a foreigner is legal. Immigrating spouses and their husbands go through rigorous and lengthy screening before visas are issued. U.S. laws against violence protect "mail-order brides."

Now American men who wish to pursue a legal activity must release their government files to a foreign business and foreign individuals for their personal benefit.

(Note: The act's language is gender-neutral but its clear purpose is to protect foreign women from predatory American men. Application to "male-order husbands" would be incidental as such 'brides' are relatively rare.)

The disclosure requirement is detailed under the provision entitled "Obligations of International Marriage Broker With Respect to Mandatory Collection of Information."

An international broker cannot provide contact or general information on a foreign woman to an American man unless that broker first collects and discloses to the woman the following information about the man:

- Every state of residence since the age of 18;

— Current or previous marriages as well as how and when they terminated;

— Information on children under 18;

— Any arrest or conviction related to controlled substances, alcohol or prostitution, making no distinction on arrests not leading to conviction;

— Any court orders, including temporary restraining orders, which are notoriously easy to procure;

— Any arrest or conviction for crimes ranging from "homicide" to "child neglect";

— Any arrest or conviction for "similar activity in violation of Federal, State or local criminal law" without specifying what "similar" means.

U.S. law will provide foreign women with extensive government information on American suitors that is not similarly offered to American women — which it shouldn't it be either.

How many American men will be impacted by the IMBRA?

Contacting a woman for romantic purposes — internationally or domestically — is not a crime. Those who do so are not a priori criminals who must prove themselves innocent before being allowed an e-mail exchange. According to Larsen, between 8,000 and 12,000 American men find foreign wives through for-profit brokers each year [VeteransAbroad Editor: Larsen's article has been deleted since 2006]. Presumably, a considerably higher number attempt, but fail to find a wife who successfully emigrates.

Next to no statistics are available on how many "mail-order" marriages are happy.

A report on "the problem" by CBS accurately states, "No firm statistics exist on the extent of abuse suffered by mail-order brides, or even the numbers of such women."

The few media accounts that provided background for the IMBA referred to two "mail-order brides" who were murdered: Anastasia King in 2000 and Susanna Blackwell in 1995.

The murders are deplorable, but no solid foundation of data underlies Cantwell's claim of "a growing epidemic of domestic abuse among couples who meet through a broker."

There is no reason to believe that violence against "mail-order brides" is higher than against women in general. No evidence supports the criminalization of every American man who looks overseas for a wife.

And, yet, such men are easy targets. Men who seek wives abroad often explicitly state that women here are not worth marrying because they are too independent, ruined by feminism or "fill in the pejorative blank." If some of those ideal wives subsequently say "goodbye" at the first glimpse of a green card, I can't muster much sympathy.

What I do sympathize with, however, are the privacy rights of people who are considered guilty until proven innocent. This is especially true when a government violates the privacy of its own citizens to benefit foreign individuals.

What view of the American man does the IMBA broadcast to the world? American men are so predatory and violent that the U.S. government must protect foreign women by providing police checks before allowing the men to say "hello."

The "Ugly American" has become an article of federal law, supported by Congress.

Wendy McElroy is the editor of and a research fellow for The Independent Institute in Oakland, Calif. She is the author and editor of many books and articles, including the new book, "Liberty for Women: Freedom and Feminism in the 21st Century" (Ivan R. Dee/Independent Institute, 2002). She lives with her husband in Canada.

---Legally Flawed “Anti-Couple” Legislation Labels U.S. Men Abusers and Hurts Foreign Women's Options for American Courtship---

Opinion-Editorial by Gary Bala, USA Immigration Attorney

Date: January 16, 2006
NOTE: Mr. Bala, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Assn. (AILA) with 24+ years of legal experience, has completed hundreds of family cases, fiancée visas, spousal petitions and consultations. His office is in Pennsylvania. Contact him via E-Mail at:
USA Immigration

After hours on the Saturday before Christmas Weekend 2005, the U.S. House rushed through the final version of a law, H.R. 3402, which will, as a practical matter, effectively shoot down Cupid’s Arrow for many American men (and women) seeking romance and love with a foreign partner.

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA), Public Law No. 109-162, Title VIII, Subtitle D, was passed on a simple but undemocratic “voice vote”, by the Senate on Friday, Dec. 16 and the House on Saturday, Dec. 17, in time to allow lawmakers to return home for the holidays, without any hearings, witness testimony or even review of relevant statistical or empirical evidence, in true "backdoor" fashion.

Many legislators who agreed on the voice vote after a House-Senate Conference probably did not even read the law as it was cleverly attached, by its feminist proponents notably Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), to the back-end of the universally applauded “Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005”, signed by the President on January 05, 2006. Most of the law's provisions go into effect in early March 2006.

Let’s be crystal clear that NO ONE is against protection of women and children from deadly and vicious attacks at the hand of spouses who may be violent offenders. Yes, we all agree and should indeed work hard and imaginatively to combat this wicked evil in our society. But this law is NOT the answer...

Read and comment on Gary's Blog

 Outrageous New Proposal to "Strengthen" IMBRA for VAWA 2012